Family Law:

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
    Orders of Protection
    Debtor Defense

Small Business:

  • Set-Up Advice and Assistance

Real Estate:

  • Purchase and Sale
    Leases/Contracts to Purchase
    Foreclosure Defense

Personal Injury:

  • Negligence Litigation
    Slander – Business and Personal

Estate Planning:

  • Wills, Wills with Trusts, Living Trusts
    Powers of Attorney – Health, Property
    Living Wills – STD, Non-Resuscitation

General Counsel:

  • Legal Information, Advice and Referral

Throughout your life, your Family Lawyer assists you with your legal needs as they arise. Whether we prepare your basic estate plan, or help set up your small corporation, or help you cope with the crises of family life (debt defense, divorce, custody, support, maintenance or post-dissolution matters), we are there for your legal assistance in good times and bad.

We encourage not only good estate planning but also wise pre-nuptial arrangements for our clients, before the wedding bells ring.

Although Bob’s practice now focuses on small business, estates, family matters and personal injury claims, his prior years of experience in criminal and traffic law, DUI Defense, corporate law, bankruptcy, worker’s compensation and civil litigation, make his personal advice and counsel truly versatile for the benefit of all clients and allow him to guide any client by referral to the most appropriate services and professionals for any legal concern.

We provide a truly GENERAL PRACTICE for guidance and assistance for all legal needs of our clients and their families.